There were a number of Black Lives Matter Protests during the summer of 2020, after the death of George Floyd.

Nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize have recently closed, and among them is an unusual candidate — the Black Lives Matter movement, which since 2013 has been a pivotal voice in the Black community nationally but in the past year has gained global recognition.

The movement was nominated by a…

By: Charlese Freeman

Vice President nominee, Kamala Harris chats with small business owner, Paulette Beale and her mother during her Philadelphia visit.

In September, Kamala Harris made her first stop in Philadelphia the West Oak Lane neighborhood. Residents and small business owners expressed their hopes and expectations for the Biden-Harris administration.

Paulette Beale is the owner of Paul Beale’s Flower Shop. The family-owned and Black-owned business has been located…

A Guide to Help Work Through Family Disagreements and Disputes

Charlese Freeman

Families can disagree about a number of things, but it’s important to not let them interfere with the relationship.

Most people will agree that their family is far from perfect. Some families have more drama than others, but family comes with different personalities and those differences can bring forth beautiful moments of love, laugher and commodity. On…

Charlese Freeman

Elsa Adams had the vision to help Philadelphia youth reach their full potential; thus, Jump In Foundation was born.

Elsa Adams began dreaming of how she could make a difference in the life of youth back in 2017. Devastated by the increase of gun violence among Philadelphia’s youth, the idea for Jump-In Youth Foundation was born.

Three years later, amid a global pandemic and social uproar, the…

Charlese Freeman

I guess I’ll write about it…

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